Justin Bieber cell phone number


Justin Bieber phone number

Justin Bieber phone number

How to get Justin Bieber phone number ?

If you are real fan you need to have what is justin bieber’s phone number. Make your dreams come true today. Look below at the instruction and click button.









Follow a few simple steps to get his phone number:

  1. Click to the button below
  2. Fill out the survey (on phone just download free game or application, on computer will be different kinds of surveys – Why is the survey ? I need to know that number will downloaded by human, not bots. This is a private number, and when bots will spam messages, he will change the number and no one will be able to write to him. I know people don’t like any surveys, but this is the only method to protect number from bots.
  3. After survey, you will get phone number 🙂 Now you can send messages or tell but remember several important things which are written below

Important things :

  • Be polite and nice
  • Don`t write erotic messages
  • Don`t spam like an idiot

More informations about Justin:

I think Justin Bieber is handsomest boy on the world. He is perfect singer. I love his song “Boyfriend”, “What do you mean?” and the best is “Confident”. His first song was “baby”. People hate him for this song. On video from this song he looks like a little girl with squeaky voice. It was difficult time for him, but he give advice with it. Now he is very popular and have a lot of fans .Many fans would give much for his phone number. I have his number from my friend Bob. Each beliebers must have it. Write to him and show it your other friends. He likes girls who can make laugh. Write to him as a colleague, don`t write that you love him etc. He doesn`t like it. So are you real belieber? Get now his number and make your dream come true as I.

Until now, many people say that he is gay or something like this. When he was younger he has a long blond hair and he really looked like women. Now he has normal hair. The media often write about him. We can read about taking drugs or driving under the influence alcohol. I don`t know how he is still on freedom. People on his concert throw bottle or another things at him. We can see it on youtube. Here it is ideally suited principle ” Never give up”. Everyone was against him, but he didn`t give up and now is at the top. He preffer twitter than facebook and his twitter account is very popular. He gets 60 notification every minuts even he isn`t online. Justin once kissed his poster and said, ‘Yes, i`m a good kisser”. He has brown eyes, but under the influence of light they get green. Justin thinks the kiss is better when you have closed your eyes. His favorite video on YouTube is  Chuck Norris fighting with a bear. The only thing that wears sneakers are the ones that are every time on stage. Juss likes girls who are limber and which muscled everyone laugh. He once said that if he could do one thing it would recommend in space with Chuck Norris. He likes when fans are wearing T-shirt with Justin because he thinks that in this way the fans help justin bieber’s phone number.



  1. ashley malbas on

    Hi justin bieber
    I really like your songs and when i heared you songs im very happy because your my idol since 2010 until now i like listening your songs so i hope I will get your REAL PHONE # Iloveyou idol

  2. princess trish lianne A. Flandez on

    hello justin bieber i love you so much my name is princess i’m your biggest fans ever i love you

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